"Your trainer is all at once on expert coach, a motivator, a workout partner, and, in many cases, a true friend."

Working with a professional trainer is, without a doubt, the surest way to achieve any fitness goal you may have, whether it’s weight loss, improved fitness, increased muscular strength, greater flexibility, or all of the above. It will also boost your confidence and comfort level when you work out on your own–you’ll really know your way around the gym and feel at home.

The fee schedule is available next to the trainer's board. Work with the Trainer of your choice, or have us choose one for you. If you’d like us to choose your Trainer for you, we’ll use an interest survey (available next to the trainer's board) to do our best to select one who suits your personality, needs and goals as closely as possible.

Kelly Altschwager, ACE    970-218-4579

Allison Page-Rothermel, ACE 


Katie Hansen, AFTA   970-219-1018


James Todd, NASM     970-219-7649


Kyla Worth, ACE  


Kelci Secord, ACE         509-492-8319









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