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F1 Rewards

At Fitness1, we think of rewards in more ways than one. Fitness1 offers life-changing benefits all on their own. But now, there are also loyalty benefits through our NEW F1 Rewards Program!


EARN POINTS just for utilizing Fitness1, and then you can REDEEM POINTS for free high-quality Fitness1 apparel, gym bags, etc. In addition, your rewards are shipped straight to your door - for FREE!


It's fun, easy, and completely free. Your points will show up in our Fitness1 App's menu, under F1 Rewards!

Download our free App:



  • Refer a friend +500 points

  • Membership Anniversary +100 points

  • Join F1 Rewards (required to participate) +75 points

  • Birthday (we LOVE that you were born!) +50 points

  • F1 Kickboxing Class attendance +4 points each class

  • Club Check-In +3 points

  • $1 Spent on In-Club purchases (tanning, childcare) +2 points

  • 100 MEP's (MyZone Effort Points) +1 pts

  • BONUS POINTS: check in 8+ days per month +25 points!



  • Premium Athletic Tee Shirt -320 points

  • Premium Athletic Tank Top -480 points

  • Long Sleeve Tee Shirt -450 points

  • F1 Gym Bag (PUMA) -500 points

  • F1 Hoodie -680 points

  • Premium Athletic Leggings -900 points

Once the app is downloaded:

  1. Go into the menu (the 3 lines top left corner)

  2. Tap on F1 Rewards!

  3. That's it! It will walk you through the one-time free signup and give you 75 bonus points!


Your email must match what we have on file for the system to give you points. If you use our MyZone Heart Rate monitor, that email must match too. If you take or plan on taking F1 Kickboxing classes to earn even more points (and results!!), the email in our app must match.

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